Scented 'Fireplace' At Your Home

Awaken your Senses with every breath

Why Choose Nathome i-Flame Diffuser?

Improving Sleeping Quality​

Flame Diffuser features the super quiet technology the which it’s volume is lower than 30db. Add drops of essential oils and it could offer you a peaceful night.

Reinforce Immunity

Fear of getting flu and cold? Do not hesitate to improve your breathing and strengthen your immune system by owning the i-Flame Diffuser.

Moisturize Your Skin

Are you still suffering from the dry air? This essential oil diffuser can definitely help you out of that!

Fragrant & Soothing Atmosphere

Not only will your home be filled with a subtle, yet wonderful aroma, the vapor will also improve the air quality, lift your mood, and relieve you from stress!

Relieve Stress & Reduce Fatigue

Fill this little device with a few drops of your favorite essential oils, it will pump a relaxing, natural scent throughout your home which helps to calm the mind and pave the way for a good night’s sleep. It also functions as a humidifier that evenly humidifies its surroundings

See What Our Customers Are Saying

I am very satisfied with this diffuser. It is plastic but has a ceramic texture. The flame looking mist make the night super cozy and calm. With the auto shut off function I never have to worry about it being burned. And the remote is quite amazing. I can adjust the light, mists level, timing and on/off all from where I am sitting. However, the down side is it makes me lazier the ever. I really love the diffuser. I bought it mainly for the look, but it has overachieved my expectations.
I’m very satisfied with this purchase for a few reasons; it’s easy to use , it automatically turns off, it’s close to being silent, and it’s unique compared to diffuser!
This is perfect for the bedside or small room. Read the description. It is a small unit so do not expect it to fill a living room. I put it my living room to test it and it did provide a hint of the aroma oil but it was when I put it in a smaller room I could really tell. I love it! Got a 2nd for my sister and she LOVES it!
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i-Flame Aroma Diffuser

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